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This costume looks so awesome and cool! You made this very good, and it fits the character you are cosplaying! The mask is very great d...

This looks awesome and cool! I really like your drawing technique, but this looks even more awesome! The eye style of the characters lo...

She looks so cute and adorable, but also heartwarming! I like your drawing and the colors are very beautiful! Her eyes looks so adorabl...

This looks very cute and awesome! Your drawing style is very cool and awesome, but this was more awesome! I don't know these characters...


Mini drawing commissions
Here is for those who wants their or a fanart character as a mini portrait or a mini drawing. You can decided if this drawing will be containing any background or not. Will not be drawing furry, R-18 stuff, animals, MLP or athro characters.
1 bookmark only
This commision is for those who only wants a one character only bookmark. I will not be drawing furry or anthro characters. 
Full Bookmark collection
Here's my first point commission! I can draw many characters as you want from many franchises. I will not be drawing furry or anthro characters. You can decide if you want 5, 4 or 3 characters (with Poto and Ruto).

Newest Deviations

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My theme songs: (Forest of Tohno ~ Touhou 2)

2: (Blade of Banishment ~ Touhou 1)

3: (25時ノ悪戯 ~ Pop'n Music 9 CS)


Happy Birthday Mint! [Pop'n Music] by the01angel Happy Birthday Mint! [Pop'n Music] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 23 16 (REQUEST) Pokemon at the park [Jett-Hill-Artist] by the01angel (REQUEST) Pokemon at the park [Jett-Hill-Artist] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 19 40 Little Angel by kittycommunism Little Angel :iconkittycommunism:kittycommunism 4 1 +~*HoW*~+ Pure Maple by LovelyLadyKitty +~*HoW*~+ Pure Maple :iconlovelyladykitty:LovelyLadyKitty 33 13 Gift: Sorcery gone wrong by DanaDani Gift: Sorcery gone wrong :icondanadani:DanaDani 85 72 Rubberella by EmeraldZebra7894 Rubberella :iconemeraldzebra7894:EmeraldZebra7894 3 1 The Team Is Here(For a Birthday) by Dilettante1337 The Team Is Here(For a Birthday) :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 7 5 Pop'n Music - Therapie Triplets by Flowering-Yaksha Pop'n Music - Therapie Triplets :iconflowering-yaksha:Flowering-Yaksha 10 13 Chibi Kena by KenaNyaa Chibi Kena :iconkenanyaa:KenaNyaa 25 0 OTA Purchase Part 2: Odilia by xNeferpitoux OTA Purchase Part 2: Odilia :iconxneferpitoux:xNeferpitoux 26 2 Free JingleBell Divider by PhoebeRose Free JingleBell Divider :iconphoeberose:PhoebeRose 1,005 62 Robin And Cock by SuperRay21 Robin And Cock :iconsuperray21:SuperRay21 3 1 Custom heart [Sweet Pink] by Milkate Custom heart [Sweet Pink] :iconmilkate:Milkate 57 3 (ALT B-DAY) Day 3: Into the darkness [Pop'n Music] by the01angel (ALT B-DAY) Day 3: Into the darkness [Pop'n Music] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 37 64 (ALT B-DAY) Day 4: Behind the Glass [BEMANI] by the01angel (ALT B-DAY) Day 4: Behind the Glass [BEMANI] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 42 41 (ALT B-DAY) Day 5: A.I. India! [Pop'n Music] by the01angel (ALT B-DAY) Day 5: A.I. India! [Pop'n Music] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 33 43



~ Fumihiko's storytime ~
Here’s a drawing of Poto, who is at Fumihiko’s house, just for his awesome book stories, and the book he is holding is one of them. The book Fumihiko holds is about the old Japanese folktales, and the little precious one, Poto is very excited to listen to Fumihiko’s stories (the book was actually a book Fumihiko bought, and it was a headcanon). Poto looks so smol and precious, like he is Fumihiko’s little boy, but keep in mind that Poto is just Fumihiko’s friend. He absolutely loves stories, which is about adventures and old folktales. This is also the first time I’m drawing Fumihiko without his hat, but i have to remove his hat because i was going to draw Poto, sitting on Fumihiko’s head. This is one of the most precious drawing i ever have drawn, I’d say, but the background was actually the background of the unreleased drawing of Poto squishing his cheeks. I will be drawing them forever, and also the days i have time. I hope you will like them!

Sorry for not adding emotions; i have to prepare myself for a new day at my school tomorrow

Poto and Fumihiko belongs to Konami/Bemani

Art belongs to :icondaniela56438: 
~ The tsundere true love ~
Here’s a drawing i tried to complete in honor to an idea i had in my mind, and it was to draw Arisa with a ‘prince like’ character Ruto, who may share the same personality as her Heart Love Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]  Arisa and Ruto are both mad sometimes, and ever since i saw Ruto, i felt like that Arisa and Ruto shared the same personality! Arisa is kind of a tsundere princess, who is looking for a prince, and maybe the prince is Ruto?? Ehh, Ruto is at the same age as Poto (considering as they both are 15 years old, in my headcanon), and Arisa may be older than him, but i can consider Arisa to be 17 happy mew blushed  Arisa has always reminded me of Ruto because of her personality, but in my opinion, i really like Arisa, and her song is very nice Cute wolf girl dancing emoticon/avatar Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Happy Dance) V6  I love to draw Arisa and Ruto, since they are my second favorite couple overall, and i would love to see them as couples one day! The background is known to be Arisa's kingdom, and her hobby is also to look for a prince, if i'm not mistaken Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Jump) [V6]  In this drawing, Ruto also wants to take Arisa on a date at her kingdom. What will she say? This is one of the sweetest drawings i ever have drawn, and i also love how i colored Arisa's dress Flowers fella (Love) Luffy Anime Emoji (Sho Happy) [V3]  I hope you will like them!

Rose Divider - Night Rose 1 - SparklesRose Divider - Night Rose 1 - SparklesRose Divider - Night Rose 1 - SparklesRose Divider - Night Rose 1 - SparklesRose Divider - Night Rose 1 - Sparkles      

Sword Bronze Original background:

Arisa and Ruto belongs to Konami/Bemani

Art belongs to :icondaniela56438:
~ Poto cosplaying as Yushaaa ~
Here’s my first drawing of a character who cosplays as a favorite character of mine, and today, i have drawn Poto cosplaying as Yushaa from Pop’n Music 20 Fantasia Princess Peach (Sprite Animation)  I was always a big fan of Yushaa, ever since i first saw him for the first time, and what will happen if Poto cosplays as him? Blue Link Upset Icon  Yep, he will become Potoaaaaa! Hehe, i always wanted to draw Poto cosplaying as some characters from Pop’n Music, even those who aren’t a favorite of mine Here Cometh The Hero :tale:  The next one in the series will be Poto, cosplaying as Fumihiko-san!! I’m excited to share the drawing of Poto cosplaying with him (i’m excited because he is a huge favorite character of mine!). The background is a RPG based background, which is located in a dream world (often considered as an extra stage in many RPGs) :cloudnoid:  The line ‘Poto has 1964 HP!’ actually came from a Pop’n Music video i saw on Nicozon for some months ago, and it was an user who headcanoned Poto’s HP (i talk about RPG HPs), and the HP was 1964 (i considered Poto’s HP to be 1814, but well…)  Poto came out very good, and he looks like Yushaa’s best friend in his clothes, but i headcanon that RPG characters like Yushaa, Fernando XIII are Poto’s friends because they are also characters that are based on RPG’s, like Final Fantasy Leafa Talking Icon  I also like Yushaa’s songs as well, and i hope you will like him!

Sword Gold Refrence for 1964 HP: (the HP is in the yellow circle)

Sword Silver  I cannot find the original background due to my computer needed to restart...

Poto and Yushaaa's design belongs to Konami/Bemani

Art belongs to :icondaniela56438: 

~ Some Pop'n characters as cookies ~
Here’s a new series of drawings, which consists of characters, being drawn in the cookie style, i mean the actual cookie style, not the Pop’n Music character Cookie -bats eyelids-  This was the style i wanted to do since i started to rediscover art in october last year  In these drawings, i include my precious boy Poto with some characters from Pop’n Music and from other franchises, or they may be crossovers! This one is Pop’n Music only, like my first cookie styled drawings, and it consists of many diffrent Pop’n characters, which i see on Youtube videos, or on the Wikia Icon - 535 Jewel   Many of these characters are a favorite of mine, and as you can see, one of them is a Pop’n Music OC, designed by a person named Chilt (i don’t know this guy; just heard of him on soundcloud) Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]   All of my cookie styled series will include my precious boy Poto, like when i started my bookmark collection, but unlike this, i don’t draw Ruto, but only sometimes Heart Love Neko Emoji-42 (Kawaii Moe Smile) [V3] Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6]  The characters you see here are Ruri (the british woman with a red raincoat), Mito, Zizz (the phantom with a black hat), Hamanov (the bird with white hair), Yuli (the vampire with light blue hair), Kanoko (the rock gal with brown hair), Souji (the octopus with a headband), Meu Meu (one of the members from Hinabitter) and of course my precious boy Poto!! >u<  #44 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50 I love how they came out, and i also love Tilt’s little hand, and Ruri’s little dance pose Bear Emoji-15 (Sho happy) [V1]   I will be doing more cookie styled art, and i hope you will like them!

cake icon 2 cake icon 2 cake icon 2 cake icon 2 cake icon 2 

Hamanov, Kanoko, Mito, Meu Meu, Poto and Ruri belongs to Konami/Bemani

Tilt belongs to Chilt

Art belongs to :icondaniela56438: 


Daniela56438's Profile Picture
Daniela (ダニ-ちゃん)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
The photo in this devaintID is a photo of me!
14 years old
Very interested in art

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My favorite Pop'n Music characters are Poto and Cookie!!

Here is the list of my favorite Pop'n Music characters!

1. Poto (Pop'n 9 CS) and Cookie (Pop'n 7 AC)
2. Ruto (Poto's friend and from Pop'n Music 9 CS)
3. Hugh (Pop'n 9 CS)
4. Retsu (Pop'n Sunny park)
5. MZD (Pop'n 2 AC)
6. Fuga (Pop'n Sunny park)
7. Mito (Poto's friend and from Pop'n Music 9 CS)
8. Inuchiyo (Pop'n Stage)
9. Ash (Pop'n 3 AC)
10. Ruri (Pop'n Music 8 CS)

Notice! I will be changing this list if there are new characters that i have an obsession of, or just...

I'am also available at……………

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~ My boys ~

poto stamp by dragoon--fruiit Ruto framestamp 2 by Daniela56438



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